Focus on Swedish innovation & sustainability

Our corporate group promotes the environment in various ways through our subsidiaries and associated companies. We keep hydropower alive in Norrland, industry is environmentally safe all over Sweden and clean up oil and chemicals. We purify drinking water and food waste and we have also started a new business in industrial batteries where we sell, operate and maintain large batteries that help keep electricity consumption and electricity supply at low and safe levels.


Sustainable companies and sustainable investments are about how companies act with regard to the environment, social sustainability and corporate governance. Vimab Group has worked with ESG long before the concept was accepted. The various subsidiaries' business areas are about renovating, sanitizing, recycling, replacing and improving, in basically all industries. Now we are taking it one step further through our major investment in industrial batteries. Vimab BESS aims to become the largest supplier of large batteries in Scandinavia. The goal of this is, as for the rest of the group, to promote the environment and industry with profitable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions.

Do you see what we see?

With intelligent solutions in service, cleaning and energy, it is possible to increase the profitability of the industry while reducing its environmental impact. It is a myth that it is more expensive to be more environmentally friendly! On the contrary.

We have the whole package, actually


Through our arsenal of innovative companies in various
and unique industries - we can offer our customers a complete package with sustainable and high-tech service, operation, cleaning and recycling.